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Step by Step is an independent Occupational Therapy Practice.  The practice has two consulting rooms which are located at Reddam House School and Westlake Lifestyle Centre, both of which are in Tokai, Cape Town. 

The practice offers occupational therapy intervention for children aged between three and ten years old.

The therapists are dedicated to equipping your child with the necessary tools to overcome challenges in the following areas:

  • Sensory Integration
  • Fine Motor Development
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Visual-Perceptual Skills

By helping your child overcome these challenges, the therapists aim to promote your child’s independence in their activities of daily living, which include being able to engage optimally at school and in play.

We offer in-depth evaluation, appreciating your child’s strengths and difficulties, and relevant intervention based on best-practice principles.  We aim to support and empower parents, teachers and other professionals working with your child, by providing appropriate information, so that together, we can enable your child to reach their potential within a fun environment.

As a practice we believe in integrating various treatment strategies to meet your child’s specific needs.  The treatment principles which we draw from include:

  • Ayres Sensory Integration (ASI)
  • Neuro-developmental Therapy (NDT)
  • DIR® Floortime™
  • Tomatis / Solisten

We see great value in continually developing our knowledge base and continuously hone our professional skills.  At the practice, we work closely as a team and value collaborative learning.

The Occupational Therapists at Step by Step are registered with:

  • The Health Professions Counsel of South Africa (HPCSA)
  • The Occupational Therapy Association of South Africa (OTASA)
  • The Board of Health Funders (BHF)

We aim to deliver a service of the highest standard, which is professional, ethical and holistic.


I never want to stop doing OT!” – Molly loves OT that much! Thank you to Molly’s OT for all the energy, support, guidance and patience that you have invested in Molly. You have built up her strength, coordination, confidence and spacial awareness so classroom activities and lessons are now fun, rewarding and achievable. She is able to use all the skills that she has learnt from her OT sessions in the classroom with ease and confidence and it’s been wonderful to see our little girl blossom and enjoy every minute of Grade 1. A “HIGH FIVE” to the Step by Step Reddam OT team – you rock!

Step by Step OT at Reddam has been a great experience for my two boys.  The therapist took the time to get to know what drives and motivates each child, and then adjust her style to enhance the required outcomes for them.  Our overall experience of OT has been that it is a professional, caring, efficient, creative, results oriented environment, where all focus is on the child.  I guess the two greatest critics, the boys, love going to OT as it is fun learning with the OT;  what more needs to be said?  Thank you Step by Step OT.

Step by Step has been an integral part in our daughter’s development to ensure she has the abilities to cope with tasks that many people take for granted.  We opted for this practice based on the close relationship with her school;  the fact that not only the therapists but also her class tutors/teachers provide input and are personally involved in her growth, has resulted in our more confident person, ready to tackle her day.  Therapists at Step by Step have always managed to make her feel as the most important person to them, treating her with patience and kindness.  We have always been kept informed of her progress and we have seen the positive effects at home and in her reports.  We are grateful for the impact Step by Step has had in her life thus far.

It is with gratitude that I write you with regards to how you have conducted occupation therapy sessions with my son Liam and shown such consideration toward him. From the outset you have set my mind at ease with your thorough evaluation of where Liam is at and shown such professionalism. Your support, guidance and constant feedback have stood us in good stead along our OT journey and reflected as such in the classroom. Your accommodating attitude and willingness to share your knowledge have been amazing and empowering! As a parent, I have not once felt “left in the dark” or not known what is expected of me to make the most out of our sessions and to reinforce what you have taught Liam. I will not hesitate to refer my friends and family to your practice.